Leg Glider Position Made Me Orgasm 3 Times In A Row

The leg glider position is an unusual sex position that is tough to master unless you have a lot of flexibility.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

In this sex position, women are the ones who have to do the job.

I am not stretchy at all, and it was a bit horrific when Derrik (the guy I met last week on Tinder) tried to pull this stunt.

Derrik is a 27 young and energetic guy.

My only goal was to have the best sex that I was missing for days, and I find this the only way to do that.

At first, it may sound like something not recommended to be done by not so stretchy women.

But believe me, you can perform and enjoy sex in a leg glider position, and you don’t have to be stretchy at all.

Yes, that’s correct.

We did it, and it was so good that it made me orgasm almost three times.

So, what is the goal of this article?

The goal here is to help the ladies and men who have heard about this leg glider sex position and want to give it a try.

But are skeptical about the risks that could be involved while doing so.

In this article, I will explain all about leg glider position.

  • What is a leg glider?
  • How can you perform it well?
  • What risks are involved in it?

And lot’s more.

So let’s not waste more of your time and begin with the first step.

What is a Leg Glider Position?

The leg glider is a variant of the scissor posture in which the girl lifts her leg to a 90-degree angle.

This position deepens the penetration while working over the man’s core and arm muscles.

Why is Leg Glider Position Awesome?

There are many other fantastic sex positions that you may not have tried, and the leg glider is undoubtedly one of them.

I am saying this with my own experience.

It is a fantastic position that hits both the G-spot and stimulates the clitoris simultaneously.

So when Derrik thrust inside, it hit me so hard that I thought I’d completely lost it.

No one had gone so deep before.

Even though Derrik had a below-average-sized penis, yet it didn’t feel like it.

Let us learn more about our individual roles here.

What He Has To Do

When your guy does the leg glider, he must first ensure that you are comfortable and that he is not exerting too much pressure on your leg.

Also, if he is well hung, he must be careful not to penetrate you too deeply.

Once you’ve established a comfortable rhythm with your guy in the leg glider, he can grip the base of your right leg or hang onto your right arm to draw you closer to him and penetrate you more deeply.

Ask him to lean backward and forward to alter the entry angle (make sure that he is cautious while leaning forward as sudden movement can hurt you).

Adjust moving forward, backward, to one side or other until you find the posture you both prefer.

What She Has To Do

When you’re in the leg glider position, your utmost goal is to maintain stability and avoid cramping up your legs.

However, if you notice your legs cramping up, make him aware of the situation immediately so that you may stretch them and relieve the cramp.

If you bend both knees slightly, you will find it much simpler to do the leg glider.

Warming up beforehand is a clever idea as well.

If rubbing your clit is difficult for you, try grinding against him for better clitoral stimulation.

Some Interesting Things About Leg Glider Position

With my very own experience with this position, here are some of my tips that are worth considering:

  1. He can deeply penetrate you if you have a lot of flexibility by pushing your leg that points towards the ceiling further out of the way.
  2. Stretching your legs before getting into this posture will make it much simpler for you.
  3. If you’re not particularly flexible (as most of you aren’t) but still want to execute the leg glider, ask him to lean backward so that you don’t have to stretch your leg as far.
  4. Alternatively, you can wrap your leg around his waist.
  5. While he has more power in this position than you, ensure that he does not cause you harm while making sudden movements.

My Thoughts on Leg Glider Sex Position

The leg glider is a nice change of pace from the standard sex positions like Doggy Style, Anvil, and Missionary.

It feels nice to me, but it’s possible that many of you may find it very unsettling and won’t appreciate it at all.

My recommendation is to give it a try at least once before deciding whether or not you like it.

Hey, I am Kathryn and I am the founder of Orgasmsx. I focus heavily on building trust and creating an emotional connection with your women inside and outside the bedroom.

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  1. We both (me and my wife) liked it

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