3 Ways to Satisfy Your Woman’s Sexual Needs

In this post, you will learn three sex positions that can help in providing much better sexual pleasure to a woman. So, if you’re the type of guy who enjoys sexually satisfying his lady, keep reading.

The first sex position is ‘The Classic 69’.

The Classic 69

You lie on your back in this sex position.

Your woman then crosses her arms across your face and turns away from you.

You give her oral sex from here, and she also does the same. Remember that while you’re using your tongue to stimulate your woman’s clitoris, you may simultaneously use your fingers to stimulate her vagina and/or anus.

IMPORTANT: Never put anything back in her vagina that has been in her anus since this might lead to infection.

The second position we’ll look at is referred to as ‘Reverse Stand And Deliver.’

The Reverse Stand And Deliver Technique

There is no requirement for a bed in this sex position, making it flexible to perform.

Your lady takes a step forward and leans over.

Then you pierce her from behind.

It’s both simple and effective.

Grab her hair, smack her rear, kiss her upper back, and whisper nasty in her ear while ‘doing her’ from behind — she’ll love it.

The next posture we’ll look at is known as ‘Classic Doggie.’

The Classic Doggie

Your woman should get down on her hands and knees with her back arched, and her legs close together to perform this sex position.

Then you sneak up behind her, your legs outside hers, and pierce her from behind.

This posture lets you penetrate her deeply while also freeing up your hands to excite her more. You might reach around her and massage her breasts.

You must also use your thumb to stimulate her anus.


Simply imagine yourself in the dominating role that this situation requires you to play.

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